Jacob Steven


Justin Ross

Wedding Party

Bobby Pugsley

Best Man

Bobby is a Corporal in the US Army and Jake's younger brother. Although Jake and Bobby often find themselves miles apart, they always pick up where they left off and share a bond that goes beyond location or circumstance. Bobby is someone Jake can always count on and is grateful for every day.

Sam Watts

Best Woman

Jake and Sam met during their freshman year in college. Jake spent many long weekends with Sam's family, and their relationship evolved beyond college into a lifelong friendship. Even though Sam has a fancy job in San Francisco, they see each other as much as possible and enjoy a good phone date when they can't be together in-person.

Rachael Lauer


Rachael will be the first to tell you that she met Jake in the second grade and they went to the same school all the way through college. What started as playing house together on the playground blossomed into a friendship with incredible depth and life experience that Jake looks forward to every time they have coffee or share a meal together.

Patrick Rooney


Jake met Pat when they both worked at Life Time Fitness during a very formative time in Jake's life. They spent countless hours together managing high school cafe workers and enjoying cocktails after work. Pat is quick to say yes to any adventure, which is probably how Jake and Pat wound up in Vegas on an escapade they both still talk about.

Patty Wishtun


Patty was one of the first people Jake met when Justin introduced him to his friend group and he knew they'd be friends the moment they met. Every time they hang out, Jake discovers a new fun fact about Patty or personality trait that makes him appreciate her more.

Jeremiah Stanley

Best Man

Justin met Jeremiah at church, at a time when they were both desperate for community. The first time they hung out together, they spent an entire day filled with shenanigans. They knew they'd be best friends after that, and even lived together for three years.

Alexis Lewis

Best Woman

Alexis is not only Justin's little sister, but like her big brother she is also a therapist. Justin and Alexis fought like crazy as kids, and now they couldn't be closer. They may live 1,300 miles apart, but they are always there for each other.

Stacey Kessler


Stacey and Justin met years ago and quickly bonded over mental health, type A personalities, and passionate spirits. Stacey has been a fixture of support and love for Justin, and in the summer of 2018 Justin was honored to be a part of Stacey's wedding.

Joshua Padgett


Josh and Justin met when they both volunteered to be back up dancers in a lip-sync contest for a fundraiser. They connected, and quickly developed a tight relationship filled with many trips to Broadway shows, pool days, bottles of wine, and shady glances.

Katelyn Johnson


Kate was Justin's supervisor at Starbucks almost ten years ago when they first met. It became an incredibly close friendship overnight, and lasted through many job changes, new relationships, and moves. Although Kate lives in Nashville now, Justin makes sure to see her as often as he can.

Joy Wishtun


Joy bumped into Justin at a friends barbeque, and they quickly discovered a mutual obsession with Harry Potter that would make them life-long friends. Although Justin has more Harry Potter tattoos, he conceeds to Joy when it comes to most wizarding knowledge and mischief.

Sarah Kessler


Sarah is not only the officiant for their wedding, but she is close friends with Justin and Jake. Justin met Sarah when he started a small group at their former church and she joined. Their friendship has grown over the years, and she has become a crucial person in Justin and Jake's lives. Sarah is a Life and Empowerment coach, a writer, a speaker, and an artist of many forms.
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